March 10, 2020

Andrew Venturelli:

Many people immediately take photographs of their car after an accident. Always take photographs of other car's damage as well. Many times the other car has substantial damage and your does not. The insurance carrier will use your photographs against you. It is nice to counter with the damage to their vehicle to document severity of impact.

February 13, 2020

If involved in accident, if it can safely be done, try not to move your car prior to police arrival. Officers will generally write on report, "vehicles moved prior to arrival" and will not make a determination of fault. Again, safety is priority to you as well as others.

February 13, 2020

As the snow/ice arrives, if you happen to slip and fall, please report your fall to the property owner, especially if commercial establishment. It documents the fall, the time, and most importantly, the condition of the area. It helps later in litigation when the defendant doubts you fell or the facts surrounding the fall. Generally, you will feel embarrassed about falling and just want to move along, don't, just report!!

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